How to Use Workona

Project work is often scattered across multiple apps, which makes it hard to stay organized. The bigger the project, the worse it gets. That’s why Workona offers flexible spaces that can grow with your project.

What can spaces do for you?

  • Organize everything for a project in one place
  • Integrate seamlessly with the browser & popular cloud apps
  • Make team collaboration easy

A space allows you to plan and execute on project work, all in the same space. Let’s learn how!


Workona interface, with two characters checking off tasks

Spaces organize all the docs, tasks & notes for a project in one place.

Want to organize browser tabs too?
Spaces can also organize your tabs if you choose to enable tab management in Settings. Learn more →

What can be organized in a space?

  • Resources - Saved docs, links, and files for the project
  • Notes - Important project info and ideas
  • Tasks - Project to-dos and action items
  • Tabs (optional) - Your open browser tabs for the project
A place for everyone's individual work
Each collaborator can also add private resources, notes, and tasks within shared spaces, so they have their own place to execute on personal responsibilities for the project.

At the top of your space, you can click each view to see its content (you can also enable split view to see more than one view at a time).

Zoomed-in image of the resources view in Workona, with three sections of work relating to the main project, a website redesign

How to name spaces

Spaces are for organizing projects. So we recommend giving your space the same name as the project, whether it’s big or small, personal or shared. For example, your space might be named:

  • Website Redesign
  • Team Planning
  • Acme Client
  • Recruiting
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Marketing Analytics

If you need more space examples, check out the Workona template gallery →

Character with black hair pointing to one of several template options, laid out in a gallery


Spaces are the best way to work on cloud-based projects with collaborators. No more hunting down files that were shared in Slack or Google Drive (or was it Dropbox?)

Instead, a space offers:

  • A single source for project work
  • Real time editing for seamless collaboration
  • Support for the cloud apps you already use
Image of a Workona space with three collaborators interacting with resources in real time

How to share a space

  1. Click “Share”
  2. Send the share link to your team
  3. Your team can start collaborating instantly!

What’s shared with collaborators?

Resources, notes, and tasks are shared with space collaborators, but they won’t see your tabs and other private content.

If you grant them edit permission, collaborators will be able to edit and contribute to the shared content to move the project forward.

Character pushing the + button to add a resource in Workona

Tab Manager - optional extension

If you’re juggling multiple projects and feeling overwhelmed by tabs, tab management can help you cut down on the chaos.

From a sea of disorganized browser tabs, a character organizes her tabs into neat sections

What’s the benefit of tab management?

The optional Tab Manager extension separates your open browser tabs by space to help you stay focused. It’s like having a clean desk for every project.

You also get:

  • Autosaved tabs to keep you from losing work
  • Tab backups to protect you in case of emergency
  • Built-in tab suspension to save memory

How to use tab management (after enabling it)

  1. Drag and drop tabs into each space from the Tabs view.
  2. Click a different space to switch out tabs.
  3. Close spaces with confidence — when you reopen the space, your tabs will be restored exactly as you left them.
Workona interface with tabs visible in a list
Your tabs aren't visible to collaborators
Your tabs within shared spaces are 100% private, and other space collaborators will never see them. If you want to share tabs with space collaborators, save them as resources.

My Tasks

For people who work in the browser, there was no task list built for you — until now.

My Tasks is one simple place to manage all of your tasks. Unlike other task managers, you can easily attach the docs, links, and files that you need to get a task done.

How to use My Tasks

  1. Add your to-dos to My Tasks.
  2. We recommend attaching relevant links and docs — for example, an email to respond to, Google Doc to edit, or Figma file to review.
  3. If the task is part of a project, add it to a space.

The optional Tasks extension lets you add or manage tasks from anywhere in the browser without breaking your flow. You can even turn your current tab into a task — so you can close the tab without worrying about tracking it down later!

Image of My Tasks list in Workona, with separate sections for urgent tasks versus upcoming tasks