Flexible workspaces for any project.

Your work is scattered across the browser. Workona brings it together for one-click collaboration. Just like that, team projects are organized.

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Flexible workspaces

Organize all the docs, tasks & notes
for your next team project.

Add project docs from any cloud app so they’re all in one place and ready to share.

Workspaces bring your work into one place.

Less chaos, more focus

Less chaos, more focus

Working across multiple cloud apps is chaotic. That’s why we created workspaces: to keep your project work close at hand and easy to find.

  • Organize project work intuitively
  • Add resources as your project grows
  • Provide context with notes and descriptions
The answer to “Where did we put that?

The answer to “Where did we put that document?”

Your team is too busy to be tracking down resources all day. With shared workspaces, there’s one place with everything they need.

  • Collaborate in real time
  • Invite anyone to join a project
  • Share via link or email
Add project resources from anywhere

Add project resources from anywhere

Add docs and links from your favorite cloud apps or upload right from your computer.

  • Cloud apps - Notion, Figma, Airtable & more
  • Browser - Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge
  • Google Drive - Docs, Sheets, Slides
Your team without Workona
  • No single source for project work
  • Too many apps & files to search through
  • Lack of organization slows everyone down
Your team with Workona
  • One place for your project work
  • Relevant docs, tasks & notes at a glance
  • A solution that works for the whole team
BJ Fogg, PhD
Workona gives me superpowers. I’m more productive on my projects, I don’t get frustrated searching for web resources, and I collaborate better at Stanford and on industry projects. Thank you to the Workona team for making my life easier — and more fun.
Wade Foster
Workona has become one of my favorite tools. It’s changed the way I work. When I have a moment in my day, I just flip to the project that I need to focus on.
Ed Bott
I’ve been using Workona for more than 18 months and it’s enhanced my productivity more than any other tool I use.

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