A better way to work in the browser

Put your tabs & docs into workspaces so you can finally feel organized.

Workona UI
Workspaces are the solution to work chaos.

Organize your tabs and docs into a dedicated space for each of your projects.

Powerful features built into every workspace

Your work in the browser is important. Workspaces organize and protect it.


Tabs represent real work.

Browser tabs are your work in progress. Workspaces keep them organized so you can focus on one project at a time.


Organize everything for a project.

Add all the docs, links, and files you need for a project. Now your important work is close at hand — no more digging through your browser history or hunting down files in Google Drive.


One place for your team projects.

Shared workspaces give everyone a place to collaborate and drive work forward. With the latest project resources in one place, your team can get more work done with less hand-holding.

Backup & Restore

Never worry about losing work.

It’s simple: All of your progress is autosaved in Workona. In case of a browser crash or other emergency, you can instantly restore your tabs to get back on track.

Workona has become one of my favorite tools. It’s changed the way I work. When I have a moment in my day, I just flip to the project that I need to focus on.
Wade Foster
Co-founder & CEO of Zapier
Workona gives me superpowers. I’m more productive on my projects, I don’t get frustrated searching for web resources, and I collaborate better at Stanford and on industry projects. Thank you to the Workona team for making my life easier — and more fun.
BJ Fogg, PhD
Director of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab
New York Times Bestselling Author

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