Work in the browser

Autosave your work in progress & organize tabs for each project
Tab management
Organize your tabs into spaces so you can stay focused on one project at a time & easily switch between them as you move through your workday.
Autosave your work
Tabs are autosaved, so you can close a space anytime and pick up exactly where you left off later. It's like having a dedicated desk for every project that can be pulled up in an instant.
Backup & restore
You can always recover your tabs in the case of a browser crash or other disaster. Backup snapshots allow you to restore any past session within a space for up to 90 days.
Sync across devices
Simply log into and you’ll have full access to your work wherever you are — whether you’re on another computer or using another browser.

Unify projects

Connect all the parts of a project across apps in one place
A space unifies all the project work that was previously fragmented across apps. Give your team one place to find everything for the project.
Connected apps
Connect the project’s Google Drive folders, Slack channels, & task lists to a space, so they’re a click away whenever team members are working on the project.
Link to anything on the web within a space — from Figma files, to Confluence pages, to Lucidchart diagrams.
Your team can jump into a space and instantly access everything for the project. Equip new team members with all the docs & links they need in one place.

Automate project setup

Set up & populate everything for the project in one click
Space templates
Define your team's ideal work environment for projects in a space template, so you can spin up spaces for a new project with everything your team needs saved in the same place.
Auto-create app content
Fill out a few fields, then watch as your project resources from any cloud app are automatically created, organized, and shared with project collaborators.
Doc templates
Make it easy for your team to create Google Docs, Sheets, & Slides from your team's existing template docs in Google Drive — named and organized correctly, every time.
Auto-create spaces
Kick off new spaces automatically when something happens in your CRM. Automatically create content from 6,000+ apps (via Zapier).