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Now you can keep all your tabs open without slowing down your computer. Suspend tabs automatically or on demand with one click.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, & Edge
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Speed up your browser

Dramatically reduce memory usage by suspending tabs.
Save memory in one click

Save memory in one click

Tabs are where modern work gets done. Now you can keep those tabs open without impacting your computer’s performance.

Add the Workona Tab Suspender and then browse as you always have. Tabs will automatically unsuspend when you need them.

Auto-suspend tabs

Auto-suspend tabs

Automatic tab suspension means you can set it and forget it. Rest easy knowing that suspension is working behind the scenes to free up memory in your browser.

Never lose tabs

Never lose tabs

Unlike other tab suspenders, you never have to worry about being locked into our system or losing your suspended tabs if you decide to stop using the Workona Tab Suspender.

From a company you can trust

From a company you can trust

More than 175,000 people trust Workona to keep their browser’s memory under control. Our company is venture-backed and built to last.

We’re committed to your privacy

Your suspended tabs are 100% private to you.
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Dramatically reduce memory usage so you can work faster.

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