A better way to work in the browser

Modern teams run on cloud software and our browser productivity suite helps them run faster.

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Where the real work gets done

We’ve baked our productivity suite into the core of your browser because that’s where you actually do your work.

Bringing collaboration to the browser

Collaboration should mean more than just typing into the same doc as someone else. Now you can work as a team where you’re already working on your own.

Just the beginning

We’re building the operating system for work in the cloud and workspaces are just the start. We hope you’ll join us as we explore this exciting new frontier.

Making work better at startups to Fortune 500

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Quinn Morgan
Cofounder & CEO

Quinn leads product and marketing at Workona. Previously, he launched Lucid Software's second flagship product, Lucidpress, and subsequently led the product's enterprise strategy as Head of Operations.

Alma Madsen
Cofounder & CTO

Alma leads engineering and UX design at Workona. Prior to this, he served as Lucid Software's Director of Engineering and was co-inventor of much of the company's underlying patented technology.

Manu Kumar
Board member

Manu is a geek turned entrepreneur turned investor. Through K9 Ventures, he has invested in Workona, Twilio, Lyft, Lucid Software, Boomerang, Auth0, and many other world-changing companies.

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