Browser Extensions

In the era of cloud software, work is done in the browser. These browser extensions will help you quickly organize and manage your work as you move through your day.

Tab Manager extension

Add the Tab Manager extension to organize your tabs into spaces. The tab manager makes it easy to save a tab as a resource, or move a tab to a different space.

Tasks extension

Add the Tasks extension to add or manage tasks from any tab, or even turn a tab into a task. By logging tasks in context, it's easy to attach the docs and links you'll need to get the task done later. When there's a task that's associated with your current tab, you'll notice a number badge appear on the Tasks extension button that displays the number of tasks for that tab.

Tab Suspender extension

Add the Tab Suspender extension to suspend your browser tabs and instantly free up memory. You'll get a handy suspend button in your browser bar that allows you to suspend all tabs, suspend the current tab, or adjust your automated tab suspension settings.

New Tab extension

Add the New Tab extension to search for cloud docs and other work resources, jump into a space, or access My Tasks from any new tab in your browser.

Add the extensions to your browser

Use the extension buttons

Never leave your keyboard
The extension buttons are designed to be fully navigable without ever leaving your keyboard. Learn the shortcuts to open the button, then navigate and take action with TAB, SPACE, and RETURN (ENTER on Windows).

Pin the extension buttons for quick access (Chrome only)

The following instructions only apply to Google Chrome. If you use a different browser, these steps are not necessary.

  1. Click the Extensions button (puzzle icon) that appears to the right of the address bar in Google Chrome.
  2. Locate the Workona extension you want to pin. Because "Workona" starts with a "w" the extensions will likely be near the bottom of the list.
  3. Click the Pin button (thumbtack icon) that appears to the right of each extension.
  4. You'll now see the extension button appear to the right of your browser's address bar.

Tab Manager extension

The Workona Tab Manager helps you organize your tabs into spaces, as well as move or save your current tab.

  1. Add the Workona Tab Manager extension to your browser:

  2. If you use Chrome, pin the Tab Manager extension so you can access it easily. This step isn't necessary on other browsers.

  3. Click the Tab Manager button to manage the current tab you’re on.

Learn more about the Tab Manager →

Use the Tab Manager extension shortcuts from anywhere in your browser to switch spaces, save or move your current tab, search your tabs, and more.

Benefits of the Tab Manager extension

Organize tabs into spaces

The Tab Manager extension allows you to separate your tabs by project to help you feel more focused and less stressed. Simply create a space for each project, then move any related tabs into each space. You can think of spaces as saved browser windows with names.

Access your work at

When you add the Tab Manager extension, you'll notice a pinned tab appear to the very left of your other tabs in the browser window. This is where you will manage your spaces. If the Workona tab is ever missing from a browser window, simply visit to open it.

See just the tabs you need

The tabs within spaces are constantly autosaved, so you can close a space anytime and easily pick up where you left off later. As you switch between spaces, only your current space's tabs will be visible. Your other tabs will be conveniently hidden for you until you need them.

Never worry about losing work

Workona also automatically saves hourly backup snapshots of your tabs to the cloud, so even in the case of a browser crash or other emergency, you'll always be able to restore your work to get back on track.

Sync across devices

Because spaces are saved in the cloud, you can easily sync tabs between computers. No matter how many devices you use or where they are, your work will always be ready to go.

Suspend tabs to speed up your browser

Browsers are memory hogs, so we added tab suspension to keep your computer running smoothly. Tabs load blazing fast with no effort on your end.

Search across all of your tabs

You can use Workona's search built for work from anywhere in the browser to search your tabs. Move even faster by adding the search bar to your new tab page.

Tasks extension

The Workona Tasks extension allows you to access your tasks from any tab in the browser.

It's designed to make it incredibly easy to log a task related to the tab you're currently on. If there is already a task associated with the tab you're currently on, you'll see a badge appear on the Tasks extension button.

  1. Add the Workona Tasks extension to your browser:

  2. If you use Chrome, pin the Tasks extension so you can access it easily and see the task count badge. This step isn't necessary on other browsers.

  3. Click the Task extension button to view your tasks. From there, you can:

    • Click My Tasks in the header to view your tasks in My Tasks.
    • Click Space in the header to view the tasks in a space.
Add a task for your current tab
Workona will automatically attach your current tab when you add a task from within the Tasks extension. To disable this, uncheck the box next to 'Auto-attach current tab'.
Add or manage tasks from anywhere in your browser with the Tasks extension shortcuts.

Tab Suspender extension

  1. Add the Workona Tab Suspender extension to your browser:
  2. If you use Chrome, pin the Tab Suspender extension so you can access it easily. This step isn't necessary on other browsers.
  3. Click the Tab Suspender extension button to manage your tab suspension. From there, you can:
    • Change your automatic tab suspension settings by clicking the gear icon. We recommend that you always keep auto-suspend on (the toggle turned to blue).
    • Suspend tabs on demand by clicking Suspend this tab or Suspend all other tabs.
    • Exclude site from being suspended by clicking Never suspend this URL or Never suspend this domain.

New Tab extension

  1. Add the Workona New Tab extension to your browser:

  2. Confirm that you want to use Workona on your new tab when prompted.

  3. Open a new tab to see Workona on your new tab page.

  4. Click Customize (pencil icon) in the bottom-left to change your background image and clock preferences.

Tab into the search bar
Open a new tab (CMD-T or CTRL-T), then press the TAB key to access the search bar instantly.