Workona Alternatives for Managing Tabs & Bookmarks

Of course, we firmly believe Workona is the best tab & bookmark manager out there. But if you prefer another option, we’ll share the best Workona alternatives based on the features you need most.

Best Workona alternative for:

Toby logo

Toby - Best Workona alternative for managing tabs

Supports: Chrome, Opera

Toby is a popular tab manager that allows you to group your tabs into collections and tag them. You can also share collections with others. To save a tab while you’re on it, simply right-click the page. It’s not the sleekest or most professional app, but as we wrote in our Workona vs. Toby review, it will get the job done.

For more tab-saving options, check out our article: The Best Tab Savers for Chrome & Firefox


  • Simple to use
  • Offers tags & sorting options
  • Can add one tab at a time to collections (some tab managers force you to save all open tabs at once)


  • Lack of auto-saving (may lead to lost work)
  • Limit of 15 tags

Session Buddy logo

Session Buddy - Best Workona alternative for saving sessions

Supports: Chrome

If you’re looking for simple session management, try Session Buddy. It allows you to save browsing sessions all at once to clean up your tabs and free up memory on your device. Later, you can restore any of those sessions to get back to your work.

Need a different suggestion? Most of these other tab savers or tab managers for Chrome and Firefox will work as session managers.

See our article for more details: Session Buddy vs. Workona


  • Simple to use
  • Auto-saves, but only once a day


  • Doesn’t sync to other devices
  • No cloud backup
  • Lack of customer support

Pocket logo

Pocket - Best Workona alternative for bookmarks

Supports: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Safari

If you’re frequently saving stories and articles to check out later, Pocket is a good choice for saving and organizing them. The clean, modern look of the app makes it easy to spend time there. As a bonus, Pocket is available on just about every device and browser.

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  • Tag and archive options
  • Personalized feed
  • Offline access


  • No custom folders
  • No URL editing
  • No tab or session management

Workona logo

Best alternative to Workona for collaboration?

If you’ve tried Workona for personal tab management, you might not realize how well it works for collaboration, including shared bookmarks. In our experience, Workona is the best way to work on cloud-based projects with collaborators. That’s because it puts everything for a project in one place.

Workspaces are designed for fast-moving teams:

  • Like a Google Drive folder, but supports all docs: cloud docs, links & desktop files
  • Optional tab management (for collaborators who don’t want to change their browsing habits)
  • Built-in notes & tasks so you don’t have to use a separate app

If you’re looking for a work organizer that can keep up with all your team projects, try Workona for teams.