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The Best Tab Savers for Chrome & Firefox

It’s the most frustrating situation imaginable: In the middle of work, all of a sudden your browser crashes and you lose your tabs. You’re panicked, because getting things back to normal could take hours.

If you need immediate help with restoring tabs, follow these instructions:

If you want to safeguard your tabs in the future, tab saver apps and extensions are available for most browsers. This article will help you find the right one.

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What is a tab saver?

Of course tab saver apps and extensions save your tabs, but that’s only part of it. Most browser extensions that save your tabs do so as a subset of a bigger feature: tab management.

Tab management can include:

  • Organizing and saving your tabs by project
  • Suspending your tabs to increase memory
  • Bookmarking tabs to read later
  • Snoozing tabs, for those who use tabs as a to-do list
  • Saving and closing tabs to clean up your browser

How tab saving can improve your productivity

Tab saving ensures that you don’t have to rebuild your projects from scratch in the event of a crash or other emergency. But the right tool does even more:

  • Keep your work separated by context, so you can focus your brainpower on your current project.
  • Improve performance. You want your computer and browser to stay speedy, even when you’re working with lots of tabs.
  • Bookmark important tabs and make them searchable. This way, you don't waste time trying to find a specific resource whose title (or URL) you only vaguely remember.

The best tab savers for Chrome and Firefox

We rounded up the best tab saving options for Chrome here and Firefox here. Here's a summary:

Best tab savers for Chrome

  • Workona - organizes your tabs by project
  • Tab Snooze - snoozes tabs to take up less memory
  • Session Buddy - saves windows for later
  • TooManyTabs - lets you preview tabs before opening them
  • OneTab - saves tabs for later

Best tab savers for Firefox

  • Workona - organizes your tabs by project
  • Auto Tab Discard - discards tabs to save memory
  • Tab Center Redux - lists out your open tabs
  • OneTab - saves tabs for later
  • FoxyTab - supports many customization options

Why is Workona the best tab saver?

Psst…the Chrome Web Store team named Workona their favorite tab manager of 2022, based on extension quality and user experience 🎉

Most tab savers take snapshots of your windows or sessions without recognizing that you're likely working on several projects at once.

In contrast, Workona lets you organize tabs by project. It's a great system for people who work on multiple projects and needs to easily move between them. (Think product managers, marketers, researchers, freelancers, students, developers, etc.)

Plus, Workona takes frequent snapshots of your workspaces so your tabs can always be restored to a recent state. You never have to worry about lost work again.