The world’s best tab manager

Your tabs are a mess. Workona organizes them.
With tabs separated by context, you’ll stay focused on your projects & get them across the finish line.

Available for Chrome, Firefox, & Edge
World's best tab manager

Workspaces are the solution to tab chaos.

Organize your tabs into a dedicated space for each project.

A workspace for every project.

See just the tabs you need

Workspaces help you organize the tabs you need for each project. Only your current workspace tabs are visible; the rest are a click away.

  • Separate tabs by context
  • Focus on one thing at a time
  • Quickly switch workspaces

Never worry about losing work

Every tab in a workspace is autosaved, so it’s easy to pick up where you left off. In case of a browser crash or other emergency, restore your tabs to get back on track.

  • Autosave every session
  • Go back in time with cloud backups
  • Easily restore tabs

Sync across devices

Sync tabs between computers to stay up to date. No matter how many devices you use or where they are, your work is ready to go.

Suspend tabs to speed up the browser

Browsers are memory hogs, so we added tab suspension to keep your computer running smoothly. Tabs load blazing fast with no effort on your end.

Search across all of your tabs

You can use the search shortcut anywhere in the browser to find tabs and workspaces. Move even faster by adding the search bar to your new tab page.

Powerful features for working in the browser.

Turn any tab or email into
a task with one click
Capture important
info and ideas

Instantly send links
via Slack or email
New Tab
Find your work faster
from any new tab
Juan Cifrian
Language Coach
This is saving me so much time and frustration every day. If you're a heavy Chrome user, jump all over it.
Hossam Ghareeb
Software Engineer
After years of suffering from so many tabs in Chrome, I found Workona to organize them into workspaces. It's really a life changer.
Jack Newton
Author & Founder
Workona has been a game changer for me. Effortless tab and workspace management for Chrome.
Jan Žák
Software Engineer Consultant
After years of trying to manage too many tabs, the Workona extension feels like a miracle.
Ben Greenberg
Design Engineer
Honestly, I think my brain (and computer) would pop without Workona. This has been one of the best products to improve my workflow that I've adopted in years.
Maggie Appleton
Art Director & Illustrator
I don't remember how I used the internet before Workona, but I'm sure it was horrifying. If you have tab problems, very worth checking it out.
Niranjan Kumar
Storyteller & Founder
Finally an app that actually makes life easier and more organized. No more organizing links in bookmarks or saving them in a doc to end up not finding it later.
Nick Douglas
Writer & Podcast Creator
I wasn't paid or asked to say this: The Workona browser extension has saved me from tab hell and made it easy to work on multiple computers every day.

Work faster, think clearly, and finally feel organized.

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