One place to manage your work in the cloud.

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Bring your apps & projects together

Spaces keep your projects and meetings organized, and apps help you work faster.

Organized projects & documents

Organized projects & documents

  • A space holds everything you need for a project. Think of it as a dedicated environment for getting work done.
  • Save and organize all the cloud apps and resources that make up your projects, meetings, and workflows.
  • Your work is saved automatically, so it’s easy to pick up where you left off or start fresh.
Powerful connected apps

Powerful connected apps

  • Finally, there’s a home for all of your apps in the cloud. Workona connects to your favorite cloud apps so you can get work done faster.
  • Take action in your apps right from Workona. You can create Google Docs, Asana Projects, Zoom Meetings, and hundreds more.
  • We can’t read your mind, but our find and create bar is the next best thing. Find your documents or create them right from search.
One desktop accessible anywhere

One desktop accessible anywhere

  • Unlike the desktop on your OS, you can access your Workona cloud desktop from any computer.
  • Need a document on the go? You can always get to your spaces on mobile.
  • Automatically back up your work and even sync tabs across devices. It's easy to move between devices without losing your place.

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate within shared spaces so you and your coworkers can work on team projects and meetings in real time.

Find and create

Supercharge your work with search that learns as you use it. Find your docs and even create new ones right from the search bar.

Send via email or Slack

Want to share a document or other resource? You can send to any co-worker, even if they’re not using Workona, with the click of a button.

Sophisticated tab management

Separate your tabs by project to focus deeply on one thing at a time. Close tabs without a second thought and pick up where you left off later.


We take security seriously at Workona. If you ever have questions about our security practices or your data, reach out to us at

Enterprise-grade 256-bit AES encryption and Transport Layer Security (HTTPS) to prevent unauthorized access.
Google SSO to increase security for G Suite admins.
Encryption of your Workona data in transit and at rest.

What people are saying

Bruno Skvorc
Bruno Skvorc
Dev Evangelist @diffbot.
There still hasn't been a contender to Workona. It's the best without a peer in sight right now.
Jake Spurlock
Jake Spurlock
Workona. It's a game changer.
Nadav Lebovitch
Nadav Lebovitch
Web Development Consultant
Workona is a solution—and a professional, clean and comprehensive one.