Master the cloud

If you do most of your work in the cloud, you deserve a professional browsing experience.


Just what you need

Save the tabs you need for any project or activity in a workspace (smart browser window) and easily switch between contexts as you move through your workday. Just what you need, when you need it.


Find it faster

Your search bar just got a lot more powerful. Easily find any workspace, saved tab, or frequently accessed page with search 
that learns as you use it.


Your desk in the cloud

Access your work from all your devices. Workspaces let you start a project on one computer and pick up right where you left off on another.

Sharing - coming soon

Keep everyone on the same page tabs

Work is collaborative — your browser should be too. 
Shared workspaces give your team a place to collect all the docs, apps, and other web resources you need for a project or workflow.

Transform your browser into a professional work tool for free

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