One place for all your client work across apps

Organize all your client docs, notes, and tasks in one place. With a space for each client project, switching between them is a breeze.

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Spaces for each client
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For each client, I’m dealing with dozens of docs and spreadsheets...which is why I was thrilled when I found Workona. It’s allowed me to truly organize my client work and save a tremendous amount of time. I don’t know how anyone in the client space is able to do effective work without it.

Brandon S.
Brandon S.
Enterprise Account Director
97th Floor

One place to plan & execute on client work

The answer to “Where did I put that?”

Juggling an overwhelming number of client docs? Create a space so you always know where to find them.

  • It’s simple: 1 client project = 1 space
  • All client docs & links at your fingertips
  • Find anything with universal search

Connect your apps in a unified platform

You have the right tools, but they’re scattered across the cloud. Workona glues them all together.

  • Supports all cloud apps - Google Drive, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot & more
  • Simplify account management with everything in one place
  • Easily reorganize the space to keep up with your project

Streamline all your daily workflows

Spaces let you organize your workday the way you already work — by client. Busy account managers can now:

  • Switch between client projects without losing your place
  • Automate common actions, like opening a set of client resources at once
  • Organize your browser tabs by client

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Client Discovery

Client Discovery

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Bring all your favorite tools into Workona

Workona connects — not replaces — your scattered work tools. It’s the organizing layer your business has been missing.

Workona connected to various cloud applications

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As the owner of a digital agency, Workona has transformed the way we get things done with our team. We have over 50 client spaces and I love being able to flip back and forth between them with just a few keystrokes. The amount of time we save is incredible!

Gretchen C.
Gretchen C.
Owner & Brand Strategist
Left Right Labs

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