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Streamline your customer success operations

Your customer docs & links are scattered across the cloud. Workona brings them together for easy access & collaboration.

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Interface of Workona, a knowledge management portal, containing a list of organized cloud documents for employees

Work is scattered — Workona connects it all.

Employee with laptop open, surrounded by scattered cloud apps & team conversations
  • All your customer docs in one place
  • Help your customer success team centralize their tools
  • The unifying platform for customer success operations

Spaces bring all your customer docs together.

Team members collaborating in the Workona interface for customer success operations

All your tools & docs in one place

A space organizes all of your customer docs in one place — perfect for tracking each account throughout the customer lifecycle.

  • CRM records, analytics, health reports & more
  • Resources for customer education & retention resources
  • Customer goals, insights & to-dos
Woman juggling logos of top cloud apps

Enter the world of your customer

Spaces let you see all the details at once, so your success team is tuned into the customer’s needs and opportunities.

  • Save every doc, file, or link that matters
  • Find anything with universal search
  • Context switch between customers
Creating a team in the Workona interface

Eliminate bottlenecks once and for all

No matter which team member picks up the issue, spaces give them the information they need — and fast.

  • Create spaces for each customer account
  • Set up new employees for their roles on Day 1
  • Team admins manage spaces — no waiting for IT
Sometimes I think about how hard my job was prior to using Workona; I can't imagine ever going back. Being able to keep things together and quickly access them across multiple devices has removed entirely my need to bookmark everything to try to keep my projects sorted.
James Trory
James Trory
Implementation Specialist

Set up CSMs with everything they need on Day 1

Set up CSMs with everything they need on Day 1

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Sharing docs in email or Slack
Organizing docs in wikis or spreadsheets
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cloud docs
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Easy to keep
up to date
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Red no
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by context
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Red no
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Templates for
every team
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