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Streamline your information management

Your business information is scattered across cloud docs. Workona puts it all in one place to streamline team projects & workflows.

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Interface of Workona, a business information management tool, containing a list of organized cloud documents for employees

Work is scattered — Workona connects it all.

Employee with laptop open, surrounded by scattered cloud apps & team conversations
  • All your cloud apps in one place
  • Help employees get more from their existing tools
  • The unifying platform your business is missing

Information management for fast-moving companies.

Team members collaborating in the Workona interface for information management

One place to store, search & share

Workona gives employees their day back. Instead of constantly tracking down information, they know where to go.

  • Organize cloud docs, files & links in one place
  • Document & share team processes
  • Find anything with universal search
Woman juggling logos of top cloud apps

Get more from your expensive software

Your business invests heavily in its software tools. Workona helps employees actually use them.

  • See the context of every app
  • Make information recall 10X easier
  • Scale training, onboarding & other workflows
Creating a team in the Workona interface

Empower teams to lead themselves

Business information should be easy to access — otherwise, what’s the point? Workona empowers each team to securely manage their own spaces.

  • After setup, team admins handle everything
  • Create spaces for team projects & workflows
  • Set up new employees for their roles on Day 1

What employees say about Workona

I recently discovered Workona, which has honestly changed my life. It lets you easily link in docs for distinct projects and even group your tabs together!
Liza Sweeney
Liza Sweeney
Digital Marketing Manager
Mission North
One of the most pivotal tools in my arsenal of workflow management. I literally couldn't imagine living without it at this point.
Joe Mahon
Joe Mahon
Director of Engineering, Enterprise Mobile
Absolutely a huge fan of Workona. I use it to manage all my projects and workstreams at Adobe. The fact that it hides spaces while letting me easily move tabs between them is a game changer.
Zaid Jamal
Zaid Jamal
Senior Manager Business Operations

Empower teams to streamline their processes

Empower teams to streamline their processes

Set up new employees with everything they need

Set up new employees with everything they need

Compare to the other solutions you’ve tried

Sharing docs in email or Slack
Organizing docs in wikis or spreadsheets
Designed for
cloud docs
Green yes
Red no
Red no
Easy to keep
up to date
Green yes
Red no
Red no
by context
Green yes
Red no
Red no
Templates for
every team
Green yes
Red no
Red no

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