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How To Get Organized At Work

A guide for knowledge workers, creatives, and anyone else who works in the browser

It’s hard to get organized at work. The browser — where we do the majority of our jobs — wasn’t built for work. And the organizing advice that’s out there is better suited for Good Housekeeping than Forbes.

Clean your desk, check your voicemail, and be sure to file your papers.

It’s not that simple anymore.

Apps and websites are inherently distracting and disorganized, and it's easy to get sucked in. You have the best of intentions, but your productivity still suffers.

If being disorganized is making it hard to meet deadlines, advance in your career, or feel relaxed in your off time — it’s time to take control. This 4-part series will give you the tools to get organized once and for all.

How to get organized at work

  1. How the Right Mindset Can Improve Your Organization Skills →
  2. How to Start a Project and Actually Finish It →
  3. How to Organize Multiple Projects With (Almost) No Effort →
  4. How to Fix The Problem of Too Many Tabs →

Who is it for?

This series is designed for people who:

  • Do most of their work in the browser — and hate how disorganized it is
  • Tend to dive deep into their projects (brainstorming, to-do lists, research, docs…)
  • Are often juggling multiple projects or clients

With easy-to-follow steps from expert organizers and creatives, you'll learn how to clear away the clutter and finally feel in control of your work.

The best way to get organized at work

A stylized view of Workona's interface

Of course, there’s no system that fits everyone.

A lot of organized people string together a DIY system of apps, reminders, and habits, and hope that it will get them through their next project.

If that works for you, awesome.

But if you’d like a solution that’s more structured — built by people who are passionate about improving work in the browser — try Workona.

We believe Workona is the best way to get organized at work, and thousands of people agree. Workona transforms your browser into a powerful work organizer for every project. It organizes your tabs, docs, and tasks for a project in one place, so you can focus on your actual work.

A stylized view of Workona workspaces, with three projects side by side

Want more details? We've got dozens of templates with examples of how Workona can help organize your work. Or check out these in-depth, independent reviews from users who call Workona: