HR & Operations
Product Management
Client Work
What is a workspace?
A workspace is one place to organize the tabs, cloud resources, and webpages you need for a project.
Workspace Templates
Build a better workday with our workspace templates. These templates will help you get your projects organized, both new and old.
Branding Agency
Deliver outstanding creative work by organizing everything you need for a client—notes, presentations, shared goals, and more.
Agile Retrospective
Organize ideas for Agile retrospectives along with other resources you’ll need to reference, like scrum boards and product roadmaps.
Content Marketing
Publish and track content more efficiently by organizing drafts, checklists, and other assets all in one place.
User Interviews
Preparation makes perfect. Get the most out of user interviews by organizing your agenda, prototypes, and insights.
Design System
Place design components alongside their documentation, so your team has everything they need to create beautiful assets.
Law Firm
Keep essential client information at your fingertips and share with those who need to know, from partners to administrative staff.
PR Agency
Streamline calls and meetings with your PR clients by organizing important resources in one place, like contracts, time tracking, and deliverables.
Event Planning
To keep your event running smoothly, organize big picture items—theme, budget, partners—as well as smaller tasks.
Whether you’re writing copy for one client or ten, save time by organizing success metrics, project goals, and deliverables in one place.
Product Planning
Track all aspects of your product development and share resources with developers and other stakeholders.
Marketing Campaign
Bring your marketing resources together to help you stay focused and save time on any marketing campaign, big or small.
Software Development
Keep your development process efficient by putting important resources at your fingertips, from app logs to testing environments.
Student Planner
This academic planner keeps your study materials for each class organized and at your fingertips.
Sprint Planning
Maintain your momentum by organizing everything you need for sprint planning meetings.
Tech Documentation
Make documentation a key part of your culture by saving and sharing guides, repositories, and other resources.
Client Discovery
Conduct kick-off meetings that will impress your clients by queuing up all the details—research, take-home documents, and even the call itself.
Strategy Consulting
Organize key resources, such as presentations, contracts, and time tracking, so you can provide a streamlined experience for each client.
Streamline your invoicing and account reconciliation process by organizing relevant information in one place.
Brand Management
Simplify your brand management process by organizing brand resources here, and then sharing or updating as needed.
Website Redesign
Keep your website redesign moving along by putting key resources in one place and sharing with the team.
Product Analytics
Tap into the right analytics for product managers by organizing your dashboards, tests, and reports here.
Marketing Analytics
Make your marketing data analytics more accessible by bringing together dashboards, reports, and your favorite analytics tools.
Hiring & Recruiting
Get your recruiting process running smoothly by organizing every step of the candidate pipeline.
SEO Management
Stay in control of your SEO by organizing tools, tracking, and research materials all in one place.
Conference Planning
Get the most out of industry conferences by planning and documenting important details here, from travel logistics to talking points.
DevOps & Backend
DevOps and backend developers keep tabs on just about everything. Organize it here, so monitoring and prioritizing is simpler.
Accounting Firm
Even in the busy season, deliver excellent work by separating and organizing each client’s needs and deliverables.
Email Marketing
Plan your email campaigns with precision. Collect key resources like past campaigns, brainstorming docs, and overall goals.