Workona Reviews

With over 5 million tabs & docs organized, Workona is a better way to work in the browser. It's the easiest way to manage tabs, organize projects, and bring together all of your work in the cloud.

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Twitter Reviews

One of the best products to improve my workflow
“Honestly, I think my brain (and computer) would pop without Workona. This has been one of the best products to improve my workflow that I've adopted in years.”
Truly a better way to work
“You've heard the saying, ‘…the best thing since sliced bread!’ Well, I have finally found an app that truly is the best thing since sliced bread. Workona has changed my workflow, my productivity and my life. Truly a better way to work!”
I don't remember how I used the internet before
“I don't remember how I used the internet before Workona, but I'm sure it was horrifying. If you have tab problems, very worth checking it out 👉”
I love it, check it out!
“Workona has made my web browsing so much more organized and productive. It also makes it easier to coordinate between my laptop and desktop. I love it, check it out!”
Finally an app that makes life easier
“Have been using Workona for the past couple months now. Verdict: 🔥🔥🔥 Finally an app that actually makes life easier and more organized. No more organizing links in bookmarks or saving them in a doc to end up not finding it later.”
I've already asked it to move in with me
“I'm only about 6 hours into using Workona and I've already asked it to move in with me forever. I don't think I've ever gone from product discovery to product commitment that quickly.”

Chrome Store Reviews

“I love this extension — it keeps things tidy and helps me hone in on exactly what I need for each of my workflows.“
“Completely changed my life! 100% recommend to anyone for either personal or business use.“
“Workona instantly cured my 100+ tab addiction. It helps me stay organized in my mind and switch between projects easily.“
“I can't overstate how good this app has been for my job. Workona just makes it all so much easier to manage.“
“Love Workona, helps me hugely with context switching with multiple projects!“
“Workona has transformed the way we get things done with our team. We've been daily users for nearly 6 months and it just gets better with each update.“

Firefox Store Reviews

“Truly excellent extension…makes it very easy to stay organized and work across multiple computers. I never have to worry about losing tab sessions.”
“Outstanding productivity extension. I use Workona for organizing in both personal and professional settings. Extremely useful product.”
“Takes the tab management experience to a whole new level, and has also replaced my use of bookmarks. It's the ultimate organization and productivity tool missing from all browsers, and I'm ecstatic that it's on Firefox!”

Edge Store Reviews

“Extremely helpful for those who are heavy browser users. Great for research and school work.”
“The best extension I've ever used.”
“Gone are the days of having so many tabs open I can't read their titles. If you feel like you have too many tabs open, definitely give it a try.”

G2 Reviews

Workona is great if you have a job that requires multiple tabs to be open
“I like that Workona allows me to divide up my tabs in separate dashboards that not only load up quickly, but are easy to switch between. This allows me to better section out my workday and really focus on the projects at hand without having several tabs open all at once.”
Workona truly is the Marie Kondo for your browser tabs
“Most people like me seem to have 1,000 tabs pulled up at all times. It's annoying trying to remember which one is which. And it wastes time constantly closing and re-opening tabs over and over every day. Workona allows me to organize my tabs like the drawers in my dresser. They are all open, but categorized in an easy-to-use way. I can now keep things organized, save time, and keep my screen looking professional.”
Workona saves me seconds, but it saves me those seconds hundreds of times every day
“Workona has changed the way I use my computer. It's amazing. It makes transitions between my different work aspects simpler. I've already shared Workona with two other people, who are die-hard users and are sharing it with others.”