OneTab Alternative with Backup & Sync

The best alternative to OneTab

If you’re looking for a modern and professional OneTab alternative for Chrome, try Workona free today.

We’ll help you get your tabs under control so you can feel less stressed and more productive. It’s easy to save all your open Chrome tabs in Workona. Simply click the Workona extension icon and give the set of tabs a name.

Does OneTab backup in the cloud?

No. Unlike with Workona automatic backups, OneTab backups must be exported manually.

Your tabs are a snapshot of your brain, your hard work, your incomplete tasks — and Workona makes sure they’re always safe and sound. So next time Chrome crashes or your computer's battery dies, you can rest assured your tabs are safely backed up in the cloud.

Does OneTab sync across computers?

No. OneTab sync doesn’t exist, so OneTab user’s tabs are isolated on one computer. Workona users on the other hand have access to all their saved tabs from any computer.

Simply sign in to Workona on a second computer to easy jump right into your saved tabs from your other device. Work on a project a little on your home computer, then go to work and pick up right where you left off. It’s like have a single desk in the cloud you can access from anywhere.

A more powerful OneTab alternative

Workona’s saved windows (workspaces) can be shut at anytime and reopened later exactly as they were.

To create a workspace, click the Workona extension, then give the window a name. Now that the workspace (smart window) is saved, you can shut it at any time and your tabs will be automatically saved.

When you reopen the workspace later, your tabs will always be just as you left them so you can pick up right where you left off.

Your free OneTab replacement

With auto-saved sessions, cloud backup, and device syncing, Workona is a dependable OneTab alternative that you can count on.

If you’re looking for a new way to save your tabs in Chrome, then give Workona a shot and see why everyone loves it!

Try Workona’s free alternative to OneTab

If you want to talk to someone about transitioning to our OneTab alternative, contact our support team.