Use cases:

Workflow Workspaces

  • Product demos
  • Sales presentations
  • Recruiting & onboarding
  • Support workflows
  • Sprint planning & estimation
  • Marketing responsibilities
Example Workflow

Perfect for repeating work duties

No more hunting for the same five cloud resources you need for that thing you do all the time. Take a moment to set up a workspace for that part of your job and you'll be able to instantly open everything you need from now on.

Crush your quotas

Workspaces supercharge your productivity. We help you automate the repeating parts of your job so you can work smarter and crush your goals with ease.

Minimize mental effort

We bet you could find a spoon in your kitchen with your eyes closed. Since your workspaces are organized just how you like them, your powerful spatial memory kicks in to help you find what you need. Now you can save your brain for the real work.