Use cases:

Meeting Workspaces

  • Team meetings
  • Planning meetings
  • Leadership meetings
  • Morning stand-ups
  • One-on-ones
Example Meeting

Virtual conference room

Imagine if no one ever erased the whiteboard from your last meeting. We give you that, but for your work in the cloud. With everything from the last meeting still waiting for you, meeting workspaces help you jump right back into what you were talking about last week.

Always ready for the meeting

Make getting ready for a meeting as fast as clicking a button. Create a workspace for all your meetings so next time you're running late you can open the workspace as you speed walk to the conference room.

Pass resources as easily as paper

Sharing resources in the meeting workspace is as easy as passing a piece of paper across a table. You can even add resources to the meeting workspace throughout the week to make sure you won't forget to discuss them in the next meeting.