Recruiting Plan Example

Free workspace template

Use this recruiting plan example to organize your recruiting materials all in one place:

Candidate pipeline

If you're casting a wide net to find the best applicants, your inbox can get messy in a hurry. Keep it under control by organizing and accessing your recruiting platforms via a workspace.

Job listings

Gather your job listings here, so it's easy to make edits to your messaging and check how many people have viewed or favorited the postings. You can even keep tabs on your competitors' job listings if you want.

Interviews & benefits

Impress your candidates by running a streamlined interview. A workspace can hold scheduling information, interview questions, and benefit details so they’re easy to find—especially on a busy day with back-to-back interviews.

With this recruiting plan example, you get:

  • A template to use as you build and follow your own recruiting plan.
  • A dedicated workspace to organize your candidate pipeline and recruiting details.
  • The option to share with team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

Candidate Pipeline
LinkedIn Recruiter - Candidate Search
AngelList Pipeline
Glassdoor Candidates
Recruiting Prospects - Product
Google Sheet
Job Listings
Published Job Listings - LinkedIn
Product & Engineering Roles - AngelList
Job Listings - Glassdoor for Employers
Interview Questions
Google Doc
Candidate Outreach & Scheduling
Asana Projectt
Candidate Rankings
Airtable Base
Job Listing Templates
Notion Page
Company Mission, Vision, and Values
Notion Page
401K Policy Details
Google Doc
Time Off Policy - Gusto