Firefox browser interface with missing or disappeared bookmarks

How to Fix the Bookmark Toolbar Not Showing Up In Firefox

It’s one of the most frustrating moments imaginable: Your bookmarks are gone. The good news is that if Firefox has lost your bookmarks, you should be able to recover them.

This article will show you how to recover your bookmark toolbar in Firefox when you think all is lost. We'll also cover what to do if your bookmark toolbar appears but you're still missing bookmarks.

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What to do if the bookmarks toolbar is not showing up (how to show the bookmark toolbar)

The most common way of losing bookmarks within Firefox is when the bookmarks toolbar is gone. Usually this means the bookmarks toolbar was accidentally turned off. To turn it back on, click Views > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar > Always show.

This should bring up your bookmarks toolbar, with all of your bookmarks there as you remember them.

Firefox browser screenshot with the Bookmarks Tool enabled from the View menu

If your bookmark toolbar appears but you're still missing bookmarks, keep reading.

What to do if none of your bookmarks are showing up

Firefox automatically saves and backs up your recent bookmarks (up to 15 backups). You can restore them by clicking Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks.

Firefox browser screenshot of the menu item Show All Bookmarks

This will open a library window. Within the library window, click the Import/export icon > Restore. You can then select the backup that you want to restore, either from an automatic backup or from a manual backup that you upload.

Warning — restoring bookmarks from a backup overwrites any current bookmarks with the ones in the backup file. If you'd rather start over with a more reliable bookmark manager, Workona is a free option.

Firefox browser screenshot showing the Import and Export options within the Library feature

What to do if some of your bookmarks and folders aren’t showing up

You may encounter an issue with Firefox where you can't find all of your bookmarks and folders. The best solution is to make sure all of your bookmarks are visible. Click the Open Menu button (top-right button with three horizontal lines) > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Toolbar. Now your bookmarks and bookmark folders will appear right under the search bar.

Screenshot of Firefox bookmark toolbar

To finetune the bookmark toolbar settings, you can right-click the area under the search bar > Bookmarks Toolbar and choose from the options there:

  • Always show
  • Only show on new tab
  • Never show - not recommended if you lose your bookmarks frequently!
Screenshot of Firefox bookmark toolbar visibility options

What to do if your imported bookmarks from another browser aren’t showing up

If you’ve recently lost your bookmarks after importing them from another browser, it's likely they're hiding in a specific folder.

To find them, click the Open Menu button (top-right button with three horizontal lines) > Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks. This will open up the library window. Be sure to click all the folders and subfolders under All Bookmarks until you find what you're looking for.

By all accounts, Firefox maintains hierarchical structures and naming conventions from your last browser. So if your bookmark folder from Google Chrome was named "Test" (as in the example below), it will have the same name when imported to Firefox.

Screenshot of Firefox bookmark library

How to search for bookmarks in Firefox

If your bookmarks still seem to be missing, try searching for them in Firefox. We recommend this step last because the search results are hard to understand, and the search itself doesn't always work.

Perform a Firefox bookmark search by clicking the Open Menu button (top-right button with three horizontal lines) > Bookmarks > Search Bookmarks.

Type in any words you can remember from the bookmark. You'll see bookmarks at the bottom of the search result, with a star icon next to the favicon to indicate its bookmark status.

Did we miss a step for restoring your Firefox bookmarks toolbar? Let us know.