User Interview Template

Free space template

Use this template to organize your user interview work all in one place:

User calls

Add your call information and meeting agenda to a space so it’s at your fingertips before, during, and after your call. This is especially helpful when you have several calls in a row!


Want to walk users through a new flow or interaction? Organize your prototypes here, whether they’re in Sketch, InVision, or other tool.


Use a space to pull together all of your user insights. That could mean an Amplitude dashboard to track VIP customers, an Asana Project to share feature requests with your team, or a PowerPoint deck to present your findings.

With this user interview template, you get:

  • A reference to use as you plan, conduct, and draw insights from user interviews.
  • A dedicated space to organize your user interview resources.
  • The option to share with team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

User Interviews
User Calls
User Interview Notes
Google Drive Folder
Interview Video Call
Zoom Meeting
Beta Testers
Google Sheet
Interview Agenda Template
Google Doc
User Research Session Booking
New Product Flow
InVision Prototype
New Site Mockup
Figma File
Final Mockup
Adobe Illustrator
Top Feature Requests
Asana Project
User Insights Deck
PowerPoint Presentation