Strategy Consulting Template

Free space template

Use this template to organize your strategy consulting work for clients, all in one place:

Key resources

Gather the essential resources for each client in a space, including your services contract, time tracking, meeting details, strategy presentations, and any other assets you’ll deliver to your client.

Sent by client

The strength of your strategic guidance will depend on the quality of information that your client shares. Keep it all here: notes from the discovery meeting, existing strategy work, and goals of the client engagement or project.

Client projects

The amount of work that strategy consultants engage with can be staggering. Use spaces to separate your work by client and project. Whether your consulting focuses on workshops and training, market and user research, or general strategic insights, you'll breathe easier knowing it's organized.

With this strategy consulting template, you get:

  • A dedicated space to organize strategy work for clients.
  • The ability to customize spaces for each client (and duplicate them, if you prefer).
  • The option to share with clients or team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

Strategy Consulting Clients
Key Resources
Client Deliverables
Google Drive Folder
Client Time Tracking
Harvest Project
Services Contract
OneDrive Word Document
Update Meeting
Zoom Meeting
Client Details
Salesforce Account
Sent by Client
Strategic Priorities & Goals
OneDrive Folder
Company Strategy Q2 & Q3
Lucidchart Diagram
Workshop Icebreakers
Todoist Task
Facilitator's Guide
Handouts & Worksheets
Figma File
User Research
Market Research Methodology
SharePoint Site
Concept Validation
Wrike Project
Market Feasibility Study
Asana Project
User Insights & Research | Aurelius
Strategic Insights
UserTesting Login
Business Case Deck
PowerPoint Presentation