PR Agency Template

Free space template

Use this template to organize your PR agency work for clients, all in one place:

Key resources

What do you reach for over and over again when working with a client? Add it to a space: client time tracking, your contract or statement of work, the client’s CRM record, your regular update call, and of course, final deliverables.

Sent from client

Stop searching your email for login credentials, existing assets, and background information your client has provided to your PR agency. Just add to a space so the info is easy to find.

Client projects

PR work can vary widely depending on your agency’s focus. You might be coordinating a client’s outreach event, market research, and new launch campaign, among other engagements. Spaces help you separate your ideas and deliverables by project, so you’re always organized and up to date.

With this PR agency template, you get:

  • A dedicated space to organize PR agency work for clients.
  • The ability to customize spaces for each client (and duplicate them, if you prefer).
  • The option to share with clients or team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

PR Agency Clients
Key Resources
Client Deliverables
Google Drive Folder
Client Time Tracking
Harvest Project
Statement of Work
Google Doc
Client CRM Record
Salesforce Account
Bi-Weekly Meeting
Zoom Meeting
From Client
Past Press Releases & Logos
OneDrive Folder
PR Goals
Google Doc
Outreach Event
Gala Ideas Presentation
Gala Invite List
Google Sheet
Market Research
Customer Sentiment Survey
Typeform Survey
Customer Survey Results
Intercom Page
New Launch Campaign
Launch Timeline
Smartsheet Project Sheet
Press Kit
Canva Design
Launch Press Release
Google Doc