Marketing Campaign Template

Free space template

Use this template to organize your marketing campaign work all in one place:


Keep your campaign focused by placing key resources at your fingertips. Then you can easily find those to-dos you need to prioritize, the overarching project plan, and urgent requests to other departments.


A space gives you one place to collect research: articles on best practices, technical considerations for your marketing campaign, and case studies that you want to learn from.

Partner assets

The easiest way to deliver assets to your marketing campaign partners is via space. Dynamically share approved messaging, imagery, talking points, logos, and more.


Gauge the campaign’s success by organizing analytics here: reports on user behavior, changes in SERP ranking, and increases in sales, leads, or website traffic.

With this marketing campaign template, you get:

  • A reference to use as you plan, carry out, and analyze marketing campaigns.
  • A dedicated space to organize your marketing campaign ideas and resources.
  • The option to share with team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

Marketing Campaign
Influencer Campaign
Asana Project
Weekly Touchbase
Google Meet
Weekly Agenda & To-Dos
Notion Page
Influencer Marketing Platforms
Google Sheet
How to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign
Partner Assets
Logo & Video Assets
Google Drive Folder
Approved Campaign Messaging
Notion Page
Sample Talking Points
Influencer Referral Behavior
Mixpanel Insights Report
Influencer Campaign - New Users
Google Analytics Audience Report