Customer Account Renewal

Free space template

Use this template to streamline and organize your account renewal process:


If you don’t know who's making decisions for the customer account, there won't be a renewal. Add the relevant CRM accounts to a space, so it's quick and easy to pull up their details throughout the renewal process.

Meeting prep

Add proposal documents, renewal rates, and the finalized contract (if your customer is ready to review the fine print). When you're on the spot, you'll be glad you organized everything ahead of time.

Customer metrics

Nothing is more impressive than a CSM who knows their account numbers like the back of their hand. By putting relevant metrics and reports in the space, you can back up your answers with data.

With this account renewal template, you get:

  • A reference for newer CSMs who haven't gotten their first account renewal.
  • A dedicated space to prep and run a customer renewal meeting.
  • The option to share with team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

Account Renewal
Key Contacts
Account - Angela Singh | Product advocate
Salesforce Account
Account - Brett Goldman | Team decision maker
Salesforce Account
Key Metrics
Customer Health Scores
Google Sheet
Customer Engagement Metrics
Results - Product Satisfaction Survey
Advance Prep (60 - 90 Days)
Churn Mitigation Steps
Google Doc
Customer Call Summary - Q4
Avoma Meeting Assistant
Reminder Email Templates
Early renewal incentives
Updated IT Requirements
OneDrive Word Document
Renewal Meeting
Annual Renewal Rates
Google Slides
Renewal Proposal: Achieving Shared Goals
Notion Page
Renewal options & instructions
OneDrive Word Document
Annual Renewal Contract