Client Discovery Meeting

Free space template

Use this template to organize your client discovery meetings all in one place:


Keep your meeting details at your fingertips. For example, your space might include a Calendly schedule so clients can see your availability, and for remote client discovery meetings, a Zoom Meeting to quickly begin the call.


A well-thought-out meeting agenda will set your client discovery meetings apart. Organize agenda items in a space to help these critical meetings run smoothly.

Key resources

Add pricing information, upselling materials, the creative brief template, preliminary market insights, and anything else you need for a productive meeting.

With this client discovery template, you get:

  • A reference to use as you plan and conduct client discovery meetings.
  • A dedicated space to organize your meeting resources.
  • The option to share with clients or team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

Client Discovery Meeting
Meeting Link
Calendly One-on-One Event
Video Call
Zoom Meeting
Discovery Meeting Goals
Google Slides
Client Discovery Flow
Notion Page
Client Input Framework
PowerPoint Presentation
Key Resources
Client Services Handout
Google Drive Folder
Creative Brief Template
Google Doc
Preliminary Market Insights
Notion Page