Branding Agency Template

Free space template

Use this template to organize your branding agency work for clients, all in one place:

Key resources

What do you reach for time and time again as you work with a client? Grab those resources and put them in a space: time tracking, client deliverables, CRM records, and call details for update meetings.

Sent by client

If you want to deliver solid creative work, you need to understand the ins and outs of the brand as it stands. Add your client’s background info to a space, along with other details: their existing creative work, your shared project goals, and notes from the client discovery meeting.

Client projects

As you take on more branding, creative, or design projects, it’s easy to lose track of the details. Spaces help you separate your work by client and project. Whether you’re working on brand identity and messaging, logo design, or a full rebrand, you can feel calm and collected.

With this branding agency template, you get:

  • A dedicated space to organize creative work for clients.
  • The ability to customize spaces for each client (and duplicate them, if you prefer).
  • The option to share with clients or team members.

Use with your favorite cloud apps:

Branding Agency Clients
Key Resources
Client Deliverables
Google Drive Folder
Client Time Tracking
Harvest Project
Services Contract
OneDrive Word Document
Biweekly Call
Zoom Meeting
Sent by Client
Current Vision, Mission & Values
Google Doc
Past Promo Material
OneDrive Folder
Rebrand Timeline
Asana Project
Discovery Meeting Notes
Dropbox Paper Doc
Employee Sentiment Survey
SurveyMonkey Survey
Logo Design
Initial Logo Ideas
Figma File
Logo Design - Scope & Inspiration
Google Slides
Logo Inspiration |
Brand Identity & Messaging
Proposed Vision, Mission & Values
Dropbox Paper Doc
Survey Insights
Google Sheet