Press Release: Workona brings order to your work in the browser

PALO ALTO, Calif., August 7, 2018 — Workona, work management software built on top of the browser, launched publicly today. Workona gives people that use cloud software an intuitive way to organize their work so they don’t have to keep large numbers of tabs open.

Watch the Workona launch video:

"People are buried in open tabs because browsers haven’t been built for the heavy workloads that modern teams do in them," said Workona co‑founder and CEO, Quinn Morgan. "Workona gives people the tools they need to manage all of their work in one place."

Workona's powerful features transform the browser into a professional work tool:

Workspaces are smart browser windows that automatically save your open tabs. This enables you to shut the window at any point, and easily pick up right where you left off later. Workspaces are great for keeping everything you need for a project, meeting, or workflow in one place.

Shared workspaces help keep your team on the same page by giving them a unified place to organize everything they need for a project or meeting. With real-time collaboration and presence, Workona is finally bringing collaboration to the browser.

Our tab sync feature makes it possible to start a project on your work computer, then finish it on your home computer. You even can access the tabs you have open on desktop from your mobile devices.

Workona search was built with cloud apps in mind to help you find what you’re looking for faster. Use the Workona search bar to quickly jump to tabs, apps, and workspaces in a just a few keystrokes.

"Unifying teams onto a single work system is incredibly challenging," said Workona CTO and co‑founder, Alma Madsen. "We believe simple, elegant systems are more likely to be adopted than complex, over‑engineered systems. That’s why we’ve strived to make Workona a simple, yet powerful tool for managing work where people are already working."

Workona’s beta users — which hail from innovative organizations like Twitter, Salesforce, Amazon, and NASA — have helped craft a user experience that supports the multitude of ways people work in the browser. User interviews reveal that Workona supercharges productivity across roles and in organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies:

  • A founder of a small startup said, “As a business owner in the digital space, this tool is by far the biggest time saver I have found aside from spreadsheets. Before using Workona, it was a constant struggle keeping my workflows organized, so my best option was to keep any and all important tabs open, or bookmark them. Now I store everything I need for my current projects, workflows, and other work in one place.”
  • A Director of Product at a 300+ employee startup said, “Workona has helped me tame the tab explosion that comes from working in web apps all day. I set up workspaces related to projects or responsibilities, so I can pull up an entire set of related tabs at once. This lets me have all my tabs of notes, related material, project plans, etc. at hand without having to dig through Google Drive and Confluence. It's even better when I'm running from meeting to meeting and need to switch from one set of related material to another.”
  • A Marketing Manager at a Fortune 10 company said, “Using Workona has been a welcome productivity boost! I find it especially useful to group everything related to a project, so I can easily jump back in right where I left off without keeping those tabs open - or digging through notes, wikis, files & bookmarks. I never realized that I needed it, but now I can't live without it.”

About Workona

Workona was founded to redefine how work is done in the browser. Workona is funded by K9 Ventures, an early investor in productivity software companies such as Lucid Software and Boomerang, among other notable early investments in Twilio and Lyft. Based in Palo Alto, Workona’s team has deep expertise building collaborative productivity apps and will continue to craft a better way to work in the browser. For more information, visit

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