The Complete List of Free Tools for Remote Work During Coronavirus

the complete list of free software tools for remote work during coronavirus

Are you working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak? In response to COVID-19, plenty of software companies have begun offering free tools and resources for those of us working remotely. We’ve rounded up those offers and will update this article as information becomes available.

Whether you’re new to remote work or it’s second nature to you, these 40+ apps and other free resources should come in handy.

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Free or discounted tools for remote workers amid COVID-19

Updated June 2020

Prompted by the coronavirus disruption to daily life, these software providers are offering free or reduced tools to remote workers for a limited time.

Microsoft Teams

What Teams is used for: Group chat, video conferencing, and accessing, sharing, and editing Word docs, PowerPoint, and Excel files

Details: Microsoft Teams is now free to anyone with an email address. Previously, a free version of Teams was available with limited features. But starting March 10th, Microsoft is lifting user limits on those free Teams accounts, and will allow the same free users to conduct video calls. Microsoft is also offering free six-month trials of its premium Teams version to businesses.

Offer valid for: Six months (starting March 3, 2020)

Get Microsoft Teams free

Google Hangouts Meet

What Hangouts Meet is used for: Video conferencing

Details: Google Hangouts Meet is now available at no extra cost to G Suite or G Suite Education customers [Update: Google has expanded the rollout to all users]. Beginning March 3rd, these users can access Enterprise video conferencing features, which include large meetings of up to 250 participants, live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers on a domain, and the ability to record and save meetings to Google Drive.

Offer valid until: July 1, 2020

Get Hangouts Meet free for G Suite


What Loom is used for: Screen & video recording

Details: Loom is offering unlimited recording capabilities starting now. They’re also cutting the price of Loom Pro in half, from $10 per month to $5 per month, and extending Loom trials from 14 days to 30 days.

Offer valid until: July 1, 2020

Get Loom free


What Zoom is used for: Audio and video conferencing

Details: Zoom currently offers a free meeting plan for personal use, which allows unlimited one-on-one meetings. In China, Zoom has extended its free plan to remove restrictions on meeting times, breakout rooms, and participant limits. Additionally, Zoom is offering free Basic accounts to K-12 schools affected by the coronavirus.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Zoom free; if you’re part of an affected school, fill out this online form.


What Workona is used for: Tab management and organizing projects, meetings, and workflows in the browser

Details: Workona currently offers a free plan that allows workers to manage their tabs and documents, including syncing or restoring to any computer. With extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge, remote teams can share and access their cloud resources regardless of browser preference.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Workona free


What Slack is used for: Chat, document sharing, audio and video conferencing

Details: Slack currently includes a free plan that allows one-on-one voice and video calls, up to 10 connected apps, and a limit of 10,000 searchable messages. To help users ramp up quickly, Slack has made their free training resources more widely available. They’re also offering free resources to anyone working on COVID-19 research, response, or mitigation, including free upgrades to paid plans.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Slack free; if you’re part of an affected organization, email for free resources and upgrades

Cloudflare for Teams

What Cloudflare is used for: Security for devices, networks, and internal applications

Details: Cloudflare is offering their Cloudflare for Teams products free for small businesses (up to 500 seats available). Cloudflare analyzes potential threats from visitor requests and stops malicious traffic before it reaches your origin web server.

Offer valid until: September 1, 2020

Get Cloudflare free


What Box is used for: Cloud content management, including document storage and sharing

Details: Box is offering their Business version free for 90 days to small or medium sized businesses. They’re also allowing existing Box enterprise customers to add users beyond their license limits for the next month, at no additional cost.

Offer valid until: 90 days for new Box Business users (starting March 12, 2020); one month for current Box Enterprise customers (starting March 10, 2020)

Get Box Business free

Cisco Webex

What Cisco Webex is used for: Video conferencing

Details: Cisco is expanding its free service to include unlimited usage (no time restrictions), support for up to 100 participants, and toll dial-in, along with its existing VoIP capabilities. They’re also providing free 90-day licenses to businesses that aren’t yet Webex customers.

Offer valid until: N/A

Get Cisco Webex free

LogMeIn Emergency Remote Work Kits

What LogMeIn Remote Work Kits is used for: Meetings, video conferencing, webinars and virtual events, IT support and management of remote workers and devices

Details: LogMeIn, the maker of GoToMeeting and other remote work tools, is offering many of their products free to organizations dealing with COVID-19, including nonprofits, schools, and healthcare providers. These products are bundled in Emergency Remote Work Kits, which are also available at no additional cost to current LogMeIn customers.

Offer valid for: Three months (starting March 2, 2020)

Get LogMeIn Remote Work Kits free for affected organizations

Zoho Remotely

What Zoho Remotely is used for: Meetings, video conferencing, project management, and daily work tools

Details: Remotely is a suite of apps that will help you communicate, collaborate, and get work done while working remotely. Zoho is now offering the entire suite free. It includes 11 apps, including apps for online meetings, project management, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Offer valid until: July 1, 2020

Get Zoho Remotely free

Alibaba Cloud

What Alibaba Cloud is used for: Cloud services, including data storage and hosting

Details: Alibaba Cloud is offering a $1000 credit towards its cloud services for customers who are fighting the coronavirus or otherwise impacted by it. To be eligible, customers must sign up for a new enterprise account or be on a current enterprise account. Answers to other frequently asked questions can be found here.

Offer valid until: N/A

Get Alibaba Cloud free for affected organizations


What Asana is used for: Project and task management

Details: Asana is providing free one-year subscriptions to Asana Business for nonprofits that are directly working to find a cure or provide aid to coronavirus patients. Both new and current Asana Basic customers are eligible for the offer.

Offer valid until: N/A

Get Asana Business free for affected organizations


What Quip is used for: Productivity and daily work tools for Salesforce users

Details: For Salesforce users only, Quip is now offering its product free, which includes unlimited users and storage. Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, and chat to help distributed teams work together.

Offer valid until: September 30, 2020

Get Quip free for Salesforce

Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse

What Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse is used for: Surveys and data analysis of team attitudes, behavior, and resources

Details: Qualtrics is now offering a free solution for gauging your remote workforce’s ability to do their job. Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse measures how ready your team is for remote work, what might be missing, and how to stay successful as time goes on. Remote Work Pulse is available free to anyone with a Qualtrics account (signup is free).

Offer valid until: N/A

Get Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse free


What Jamm is used for: Voice and video collaboration for remote teams

Details: Jamm is now being offered free to any team for three months. It’s designed to give remote and distributed teams a lightweight solution for conversation, brainstorming, and bonding.

Offer valid for: Three months (starting March 12, 2020)

Get Jamm free


What 1Password is used for: Secure password management for apps and websites

Details: 1Password is now removing the 30-day trial period on 1Password Business, so teams can access password management services free for six months. Remote teams can use it to easily share passwords and create custom groups, vaults, and permissions.

Offer valid for: Six months (starting March 13, 2020)

Get 1Password Business free


What DNSFilter is used for: Web security for users, devices, and networks

Details: DNSFilter is offering their advanced DNS security service free for businesses for 90 days during the outbreak. Businesses can use it to protect their users working from home from phishing attacks and malware.

Offer valid until: July 1, 2020

Get DNSFilter free


What Pragli is used for: Virtual office environment, including chat, video conferencing, and meetings

Details: Pragli currently offers a free version. The product is designed for remote and distributed teams to jump into impromptu conversations and create digital identities that help everyone feel more present. Teams can use Pragli to hold virtual office hours, ask icebreaker questions, and interact dynamically with each other.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Pragli free


What TechSmith is used for: Screen capture and video recording for training, tutorials, lessons, and everyday communication

Details: TechSmith is now offering their screen recording tool (Snagit) and asynchronous collaboration platform (Video Review) free for any organization. At no additional cost, they’re also allowing existing TechSmith Relay customers to expand campus-wide, and existing TechSmith Video Review customers to go beyond their threshold limits.

Offer valid until: June 30, 2020

Get TechSmith Snagit and Video Review free


What 3CX is used for: Web conferencing, live chat, and mobile apps for remote collaboration

Details: 3CX is now offering their product free to any team for three years, with unlimited users. 3CX helps businesses transition to working remotely, especially sales and customer support teams. They offer collaborative meetings, support for customer service chat, and apps that can transfer calls from your office number to anywhere else.

Offer valid until: Three years

Get 3CX free


What Tandem is used for: Remote office environment, including co-working spaces, chat, and collaborative app usage

Details: Tandem is now offering their remote office platform free for the next few months. Sign up with your Slack or Google account to get access to a collaborative virtual office for your team.

Offer valid for: Three months (starting March 16, 2020)

Get Tandem free

Facebook Workplace

What Workplace is used for: All-in-one collaboration, including groups, chat, and video calls

Details: Facebook Workplace currently offers a host of collaboration functions free for teams in its Essentials plan. It supports up to 50 team groups or projects, video calls with up to 20 people, and tools for secure collaboration.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Facebook Workplace Essentials free

Adobe Connect

What Adobe Connect is used for: Online presentations, training, webinars, and desktop sharing

Details: Adobe Connect is now offering free 90-day access for individuals and businesses. New users can use Adobe Connect rooms with up to 25 participants for free up to 90 days, as long as they sign up for a trial license between March 9 and July 1, 2020.

Offer valid until: July 1, 2020

Get Adobe Connect free

Dropbox Business

What Dropbox Business is used for: File storage and collaboration

Details: Dropbox is now offering free Dropbox Business and HelloSign Enterprise accounts for three months to organizations directly fighting COVID-19.

Offer valid for: Three months (starting March 10, 2020)

Get Dropbox Business free for affected organizations


What Focusmate is used for: Virtual co-working to increase productivity

Details: Focusmate currently offers three free sessions per week. It pairs you with an accountability partner to help you avoid procrastination and stay focused while you work.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Focusmate free


What Zapier is used for: Automated workflows and connecting apps

Details: Zapier is now offering free Starter plans through the end of the year for groups working on the front lines of COVID-19 relief efforts. Zapier helps teams automate and connect their apps and services, so work gets done faster.

Offer valid until: December 31, 2020

Get Zapier free


What Calendly is used for: Online appointment scheduling

Details: Calendly is now offering free Zoom and GoToMeeting integrations through the end of June (integration with Google Hangouts/Meet remains free). They’re also giving away free premium plans for teams who are working to solve the COVID-19 crisis.

Offer valid until: June 30, 2020

Get Calendly free for affected organizations


What RingCentral is used for: Video meetings, team messaging, and business phone system

Details: RingCentral is now offering RingCentral Office free to all healthcare providers, schools (K-12), and non-profit organizations who are new customers and impacted by COVID-19. The offer includes up to 100 participants per video call. This 100-participant offer also applies to current RingCentral customers.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get RingCentral free


What Vidyard is used for: Secure video communication with your team or company

Details: Vidyard is now offering their new internal communications tool free to any business through the end of June. Vidyard is used for secure, internal video messages and screen share recordings.

Offer valid until: June 30, 2020

Get Vidyard free


What Chanty is used for: AI-powered team chat

Details: Chanty currently includes a free team plan for up to 10 members. It allows for unlimited team and private chat, searchable history, one-on-one audio calls, and voice messages.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Chanty free

SentinelOne Core

What SentinelOne Core is used for: AI-powered prevention, detection, and automated response to cybersecurity threats

Details: SentinelOne is now offering its Core platform free to companies of all sizes. SentinelOne Core is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform, and the makers are including remote deployment services along with software access.

Offer valid until: May 16, 2020 (starting March 16, 2020)

Get SentinelOne Core free

PandaDoc eSign

What PandaDoc is used for: Document automation, including document building and e-signatures

Details: PandaDoc is now offering a free eSign plan, which gives companies the ability to upload unlimited documents, collect an unlimited number of secure and legally binding signatures, and do payment processing.

Offer valid until: N/A

Get PandaDoc eSign free

Discord Go Live

What Discord is used for: Team video, audio, and chat communication

Details: Discord is expanding the limits of its free Go Live service, from 10 participants to 50 participants. Go Live lets anyone privately stream or screen share apps from a computer while others watch on any device.

Offer valid until: N/A

Get Go Live free

Really Simple Systems CRM

What Really Simple Systems is used for: Customer relationship management (CRM)

Details: Really Simple Systems is now offering their Starter plan free for any team for three months. Their web-based CRM is designed for small businesses that need an all-in-one sales and marketing CRM to track leads and customers.

Offer valid until: May 31, 2020 (starting March 18, 2020)

Get Really Simple Systems CRM free

Amazon WorkSpaces and WorkDocs

What Amazon WorkSpaces and WorkDocs are used for: Remote desktops and document management

Details: Amazon is now offering its WorkSpaces and WorkDocs services free for up to 50 users. Respectively, these services provide businesses with remote desktops and content creation, storage, and collaboration.

Offer valid until: June 30, 2020 (starting March 18, 2020 for WorkDocs and April 1, 2020 for WorkSpaces)

Get WorkSpaces and WorkDocs free


What SplashTop is used for: Remote computer access

Details: SplashTop is now offering its Business Access software free for 60 days in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, or Singapore. This allows businesses to access computers remotely from any device.

Offer valid for: 60 days

Get SplashTop Business Access free for affected countries


What Front is used for: Collaborative inbox for emails, texts, and other messages

Details: Front is now offering free accounts to organizations that are working on direct research and response regarding COVID-19. Organizations can email to get started.

Offer valid until: N/A

Get Front free for affected organizations


What GanttPro is used for: Project management and project planning using Gantt charts

Details: GanttPRO is now offering free accounts for hospitals, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits that are fighting COVID-19. GanttPRO gives businesses a collaborative tool for planning timelines and projects.

Offer valid until: August 15, 2020

Get GanttPRO free


What Virtru is used for: Data encryption and access control for email, Google Drive, and other applications

Details: Virtru is now offering up to five free licenses for any healthcare, state and local government, or nonprofit organization. Other organizations may qualify for unlimited free licenses; follow the instructions to learn more.

Offer valid until: June 30, 2020

Get Virtru free for affected organizations


What Druva is used for: Secure and automated backup of company data in Office 365 and employee endpoint devices

Details: Druva currently offers a free six-month trial of Office 365 and endpoint device data protection. Their service can help secure data in case of accidental or malicious data loss. Businesses can access the six-month trial by filling out a form and speaking with a sales representative.

Offer valid until: June 30, 2020

Get Druva free


What Thoughtexchange is used for: Crowdsourced discussions, community Q&A, and data analysis

Details: Thoughtexchange is now offering free access to their platform for any organization to ask mission-critical questions about the COVID-19 outbreak and response. This can help leaders understand and respond to feedback from their teams and communities.

Offer valid until: Indefinitely

Get Thoughtexchange free

The most useful guides & webinars for remote work

Right now, it seems like every company is in your inbox, touting their best tips for remote work. We combed through these resources and selected the best of the best.

How to quickly transition to remote work, from Zapier [webinar]

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Why it’s worth the watch: Zapier co-founder and CEO Wade Foster has advocated for remote workplaces for years. This webinar, hosted by Wade and featuring leaders from Trello, WildBit, HubSpot, and MeetEdgar, addresses concerns like which tools to use, how to combat isolation, and managing teams from a distance.

Watch if: You want practical advice on ramping up remote work, from leaders who have actually been there.

A guide to all-remote work, from GitLab [guide]

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Why it’s worth the read: GitLab is a remote working juggernaut, with over 1,000 employees working all-remote. Their guide is both comprehensive and concise, with actionable answers to nearly every remote working question. It’s also refreshingly upfront about the downsides of working from home.

Read if: You need answers to frequently asked questions about remote work.

The ultimate guide to remote work, from Zapier [book]

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Why it’s worth the read: Zapier shares insights from nearly a decade of remote work, including useful but non-obvious advice like how to run a company retreat for a remote team, how to thrive as an extrovert while working remotely, and how to find your perfect remote job.

Read if: You need trustworthy advice on remote work, and you want it all in one place.

How to build a remote-first culture, from Litmus [article]

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Why it’s worth the read: This article from Litmus CEO Paul Farnell is a thoughtful reflection on the mindset shift that occurs when a company decides to prioritize—not merely tolerate—remote work.

Read if: You’re considering a permanent move to remote work.

Remote Leader spotlights, from Soapbox [blog series]

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Why it’s worth the read: The Remote Leaders blog posts from Soapbox include some great questions, but arguably the most useful one is “What’s in your tech stack?” These articles offer smart software recommendations and other wisdom from leaders at GitLab, Buffer, Help Scout, and more.

Read if: You want to learn remote work skills from leaders in their own words.

Making the most of working from home, from Evernote [article]

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Why it’s worth the read: This short article offers solid advice on how to work from home. With tips on how to incorporate flexibility into your work, how to start the day off right, and how to set your pace, it’ll get you into the right mindset.

Read if: You need motivation for doing your best work away from the office.

How to work securely when you’re remote, from Naked Security [article]

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Why it’s worth the read: This is an approachable guide to reducing security vulnerabilities as your team starts working from home. Use it as a checklist to ensure your team is properly set up before they start remote work.

Read if: You need an easy-to-implement guide on working from home safely.

Setting your remote team up for success, from LinkedIn Learning [online courses]

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Why it’s worth the watch: In response to COVID-19, LinkedIn made these 16 lessons free for anyone interested in remote working. Each module is an approachable length, and you can watch as much or as little as you want.

Watch if: You want structured, shareable lessons on remote work practices.

If you know of any other free software for remote work, let us know at