Use Cases


  • Research projects
  • Collaborative projects
  • Marketing campaigns & articles
  • Design projects
  • Product epics & features
Example Project

Your project hub

Whatever projects you’re working on right now, workspaces are perfect for keeping your research and 
cloud docs all in one place. Save all the Google Docs, research, useful tools, and other web resources you need for a project and easily share it with collaborators.

Focus on your project

Focus on one project at a time so you get more done. Workspaces help you immerse yourself in a project and see just the browser tabs that are relevant to what you’re working on.

Snapshot of your brain

Not going to work on a project again until next week? No problem, shut the workspace (smart window) and you can pick up right where you left off next time you open it.


  • Team meetings
  • Planning meetings
  • Leadership meetings
  • Morning stand-ups
  • One-on-ones
Example Meeting

Virtual conference room

Imagine if no one ever erased the whiteboard from your last meeting. We give you that, but for tabs. With every tab from the last meeting still waiting for you, meeting workspaces help you jump right back into what you were talking about last week.

Always ready for the meeting

Make getting ready for a meeting as fast as clicking a button. Create a workspace for all your meetings so next time you're running late you can open the workspace as you speed walk to the conference room.

Pass tabs as easily as paper

Sharing tabs in the meeting workspace is as easy as passing a piece of paper across a table. You can even add tabs to the meeting workspace throughout the week to make sure you won't forget to discuss them in the next meeting.


  • Product demos
  • Sales presentations
  • Recruiting & onboarding
  • Support workflows
  • Sprint planning & estimation
  • Marketing responsibilities
Example Workflow

Perfect for repeating work duties

No more hunting for the same five tabs you need for that thing you do all the time. Take a moment to set up a workspace for that part of your job and you'll be able to instantly open every tab you need from now on.

Crush your quotas

Workspaces supercharge your productivity. We help you automate the repeating parts of your job so you can work smarter and crush your goals with ease.

Minimize mental effort

We bet you could find a spoon in your kitchen with your eyes closed. Since tabs in workflow workspaces are always in the same place every time, we help you tap into your powerful spatial memory so you can save your brain for the real work.


  • Analytics dashboards
  • Sales dashboards
  • Marketing dashboards
  • Active product experiments
  • Team dashboards
Example Dashboard

Keep tabs on your metrics

Create a dashboard workspace and add tabs for anything you want to check on regularly. Set a reminder to check the dashboard every morning or once a week to make it easy keep a close eye on your most important metrics.

Every report at your fingertips

Stop bouncing around between apps to find the reports you need. Create custom reports in Google Analytics, Salesforce, Hubspot, Mixpanel or any other reporting software and use a workspace to keep them all organized in one place.

Clearly define team success

Shared dashboards give your entire team visibility on KPIs and team performance. With everyone focused on the same metrics, your team will always know what needs to be done to achieve their goals.


  • Named accounts
  • Account management
  • Clients
  • Partners
Example Inc.

One workspace for each company

Create a workspace for each of your clients or accounts so you can keep everything related to a company in one place. Workspaces help you keep the work you do for each account separate so you'll never lose track of something important again.

Account research and notes

Use the workspace for an account to store CRM records, LinkedIn searches, company websites, Google News results, and any other research that might be helpful in landing or growing the account.

Always ready for their call

Getting ready for a call with a client or account is as easy as opening the workspace. With everything you need to get back up to speed on the account at your fingertips, every client will feel like they're the most important thing on your plate.


  • College courses
  • High school classes
  • Career development
  • New technologies
Example Class

A kit for every class

Teachers can use workspaces to organize all the class materials students need for a class in a nice tidy package. Simply add new class materials to the workspace to instantly share them with everyone in the class.

Focused learning

Taking multiple classes at the same time can be overwhelming as a student. Help students keep their tabs from each class separate so they can focus on one thing at a time and stay on task. It's like having a digital binder for every class.

Built for Chromebooks

Companies aren't the only organizations running on cloud technology — modern schools are too. Workspaces make it easier for teachers to adopt Chromebooks and the latest ed‑tech so students will graduate well‑prepared for the cloud era.